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Panoramic Digital Xray

The first suspended 3D/2D system, the world’s smallest, now available for your surgery.

Pateints at Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry will have:
1. Fast scans that give real-time images
2. Minimum X-ray doses
3. Comfortable for our patients

Smile Lite MDP


Nowadays, each new smartphone arriving on the market is equipped with a more performing and amazing camera ! It is for taking advantage of this revolution in progress that Smile Line proposes you the very first device specially studied for allowing the most beautiful dental photos with your smartphone : Smile Lite MDP – professional dental photography accessible for all !

Smile Lite MDP, that can be considered as a “ mini photo studio ”, took 3 years of development and tests. The device is equipped with three groups of LEDs (light emitting diodes). Each group can be lit up individually, while you also have the possibility to set the power of illumination thanks to a dimmer (four different steps of power).

At Corbani you will have the best professional photos of your smile.

Quick sleeper

QuickSleeper 5 is an interesting new dental anesthesia technique, of which patients and dentists could only dream – up until now. We're delighted to be among the first users of this highly modern and comfortable form of dental anaesthesia.

QuickSleeper 5 with it's numerous advantages can be used for all dental procedures, enables us to anesthetize a single tooth or several teeth with small amounts of anesthetic serum. Numbness of lips, tongue or cheek does not occur, only the tooth in question becomes completely sensation free. The anaesthesia is completly pain free and immediate, there is no need to wait for numbness to set in. This reduces overall time spent by the patient in the dental chair.

Intra Oral Scanner

TRIOS® intraoral scanner enhances our patient's experience, it reduce chair-time and unlock the widest range of treatment opportunities.
TRIOS® is fast, easy to use, and creates documented-accurate digital color impressions.

CCD patients will benefit from using this technology by:
1. Fast and comfortable
2. No Gagging
3. Accurate real color impressions

Dental Laser


Today’s lasers offer an opportunity to realize treatments that are faster, cleaner and more acceptable to patients.
For hard-tissue treatments, dental lasers offer less noise and vibration and, most importantly, reduced pain – often enabling anesthetic-free procedures with little or no post-operative discomfort. For soft-tissue treatments, they offer blood-free incision, immediate disinfection and faster recovery.

  • At Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry we provide you with the use of the best products and technics for beautiful lasting results.

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